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  on 2016/4/2 19:40:00 (1109 reads)
For quite some time I had an RVS4000 Linksys/Cisco router running. It was time to replace it with something a little better. My old trusty RVS4000 sometimes needed a reboot, but I could also notice that time started to show on its reliability. I was on the search for a new one with VLAN support and at least gigabit Ethernet.
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on 2012/11/29 23:50:00 (4217 reads)
I entered a competition to win a tablet.

Apart from the tablet (which is nice) it is a challenging problem you'll have to solve.

The goal is to implement a few interfaces so it is able to play a complete game of Wordfeud/Scrabble.
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on 2012/1/26 11:40:00 (11880 reads)
Last year I've built myself a new computer. Not just because my old one was getting too slow (it was an AMD athlon 700 classic from 1999), but also because I wanted to play around with the latest and greatest (ivy bridge wasn't out back then).

Now that I've used the computer for a little while I can tell you about how it performs.
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on 2013/1/20 12:10:00 (6191 reads)
Unfortunatly I did not win the WordFeud Solver puzzle.

Another developer had put a lot more effort in programming his solver. Because of that he was able to find more options to put down onto the board.

Still, I think my solution has potential, because it was one of the faster algorithms (not the slowest anyway). I also know my solution wasn't at its full potential. If I have the time, I might take another look at my solution and refine/finish it.

You can read about the Masters of Java part when you click the Read more link below.

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on 2012/6/16 13:30:00 (4914 reads)
Last time I wrote a little something about my latest build with Intel's SandyBridge. Now I'll go a little further and lookinto it's performance.
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